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There are many reasons to consider an automatic car starter in Rochester NY, and the weather may be one major factor!  If you have a remote starter installed in your car you can get it started and allow it to warm up while you’re still inside, so your early morning winter commutes are much easier.  Warming up your car also makes it easier to clean off any ice and snow that’s accumulated, so this job is faster and safer for you.  In the summer you can start your car and allow the air conditioning to cool it off before you get in, also making it more comfortable for you.

A remote car starter can also be a matter of safety.  If you park in an underground garage or far away from a building, you may be a target for carjackers or car thieves.  Being able to start your car allows you to get in and drive away from an unsafe area that much more quickly.  Panic alerts and car alarms can also be handy in these situations.  This is a great feature to consider especially for women, the elderly, and for anyone who may be more vulnerable for whatever reason.

What to Look For in a Remote Starter

Installing an automatic car starter is not as difficult or expensive as you might imagine.  When you choose a service that includes parts and labor, you know you have an out-the-door price with no surprises.  It’s also good to ensure that installed systems work with your car and nothing is cut out or removed.  A good remote starter can also offer features like panic alerts, car find alerts, and passive arming or locking.

Where to Go to Get Your Remote Car Starter Installed in Rochester, NY

At Tim’s Trim Inc we offer the best products at the best prices when it comes to remote car starters.  Our work is second to none and we ensure that the products we use work with your model of car.  When we install your automatic car starter we remove nothing from your car and change none of its features.  Your car will work just as it did before, but you’ll be able to start it from up to 1500 feet away, keeping you comfortable during the rough Rochester weather.

When you’re ready to have your remote started installed in your car, come by Tim’s Trim Inc.  We’ll help you find the products you need at a price you can afford and will guarantee a quick installation.