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Remote Car Starter Installations in Rochester, NY

You know Rochester weather. Cold in the winter, hot in the summer. Where did spring and fall go? With a remote car starter from Tim’s Trim, you can start your snow-covered car without ever leaving your house. That warms up the engine and the interior, and that means both you and your car benefit. Reverse the process in the summer. When the heat’s trapped inside your car, hit your remote to start the air conditioner. Soon the inside of your car is bearable. You can buy remote car starters (“valet starts,” “valet engine starters”) in lots of places. But only at Tim’s Trim do you get the perfect combination of quality, expertise, and service.

First-Rate Car Alarm Installer in Rochester, New York

Roc City is a great town, and it’s a pretty safe place to live. But nothing’s perfect. For your peace of mind, invest in a car alarm from Tim’s Trim. You spent a fair amount on your vehicle. You take care of its engine and tires. Doesn’t it make sense to protect the whole car from bumper to bumper?

Top-of-the-Line Car Alarms at Tim’s Trim
You ever notice how passersby seem to ignore car alarms these days? While the alarm is screeching, people go about their business. That’s safetyAt Tim’s Trim, we use Compustar alarms. They do more than just make noise. They let you communicate with your vehicle. After you’ve locked your car and set the alarm, LED warning lights blink slowly. It informs potential thieves that your car is protected. That’s security. If someone does try to break into your car, the alarm is loud. But there’s more: the engine locks, so the vehicle can’t be started and stolen. That’s safety. Because we’re a full-service business, we offer both 1-way and 2-way alarms.

Car Alarm Options at Tim’s Trim
Not all car owners have the same needs. That’s why Tim’s Trims offer several models of car alarms. What features appeal to you? Here’s a small sample…

  • Range from 200 feet to 1 mile: When you’re parked, what’s the typical distance between you and your car?
  • Bright blue LED warning lights: These are effective visual theft deterrents.
  • Hood and trunk release: These make your life just a little easier.
  • Impact sensor: This tells you know if your car’s been hit. It can even tell you if the collsion is moderate or serious!
  • Keyless entry: You’ll never need to fumble with a big bunch of keys again.
  • Driver Priority Unlock: This lets you into the driver’s seat but keeps anyone else from entering through other doors.
  • Starter Kill: You can stop the car’s engine from a distance.
  • Ignition Controlled Door Locks: You don’t have to worry about locking and unlocking the doors. It’s automatic!

Reliable Installation at Tim’s Trim
At Tim’s Trim, we have upfront pricing. The cost of a remote car starter includes all parts and labor. But that’s not all…

  • We use only premium quality parts.
  • The technology is the newest available.
  • Idatalink Bypass modules mean no more worrying about losing a key (most vehicles)
  • We never cut anything out of your car.
  • Our workmanship sets us apart. At Tim’s Trim, we solder all connections and meet all standards set by SAE International (formerly known as the Society of Automotive Engineers).
  • We don’t take shortcuts. Safety is too important to us… and to you.

A Local Business You Can Trust
Quite a list… but that’s not all. There are even more reasons the locales have come to rely on Tim’s Trim for their car, truck and van restyling and mobility needs. It’s really quite simple: our people.

  • Our staff has been in the biz for a while. They’re experienced and knowledgeable.
  • Our staff is eager to answer customers’ questions. We want to share the wonders of technology with everyone!
  • Our staff does NOT rush customers through transactions. We’ll spend as much time as you need to feel comfortable with and confident about your purchase.
  • At Tim’s Trim, we’re firm believers in fair pricing and top-quality service. They’re not our goals; they’re our way of doing business.
  • The owner, Peter T. Pankiw, is always around, keeping an eye on things. You’ll see him when you stop by, so be sure to say hello.

Experience the Difference at Tim’s Trim
At Tim’s Trim, there are three things that set us apart from other businesses: our high-quality staff, products, and installation. With all three, we have a winning combination. Tim’s Trim has been a Rochester business since 1978. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable about all our services and devices. Stop in today to get your questions answered. While you’re here for a car alarm, say hello to our owner Peter T. Pankiw. He’s running the show every day.

And So Much More!