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Living with a handicap or disability can be incredibly difficult, especially if you are responsible for your own method of transportation.  Even if you are an individual who has a friend or family member that you are taking care of that has a disability, you will want to consider acquiring a handicap van.  We provide customers throughout the Rochester, NY area with the opportunity to change their brand name pre-existing van into a Braun handicap van, perfect for individuals with all types of disabilities.

Braun Handicap Vans Available at Tim’s Trim Inc

We are one of the most popular disability product distributors in the New York area as we are always gathering new products to sell to the public.  With that being said, we have several different mobility products that we can implement into your van to provide you with ease of access.  We not only have different features to help you with your day-to-day duties, but we also offer them at competitive prices.  We can transform your van into a handicap vehicle easily and for a minimal cost.


Another benefit associated with our services is that we have a specialty showroom that can help you to gather ideas of what you want put into your own handicap van.  We have many different products on display such as the Entervan and Rampvan from BraunAbility.  We can provide you with the opportunity to test drive our vehicles to understand the sheer amount of comfort that they provide to not only individuals with disabilities but the driver and other passengers as well.

Pre-Owned Braun Handicap Vans

If you do not wish to purchase a Braun handicap van new van or if you are interested in simply adding a second vehicle into your family, we offer pre-owned Braun handicap vans.  These vehicles are the perfect implementation for families that are operating on a budget.  With the ability to acquire a handicap van for a limited price, you will be able to provide comfort and ease of access to all individuals who require extra assistance.

Handicap vans have many advantages and we provide customers with the opportunity to experience these advantages on a daily basis.  With the use of our mobility products and extra comfort features, you will be able to purchase a Braun handicap van to help accommodate the individuals in your family who are living with disabilities.