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If you’re like us, you drive a lot. Which means much of your day is spent in the car traveling to and from appointments, meetings, work and activities. Your car should be as comfortable as your home since you spend so much time in it.  We look to share with you some articles that talk about just that! Everything from upgrades and remote car starters to safety upgrades.

Don’t sacrifice style for function – have both!

Essentials: Easy Vehicle Appearance Upgrades

You may find that your vehicle is getting a little worn out, but instead of dropping hundreds(or thousands) in repairs and upgrades, give your car the face lift it needs. Think about the different vehicle appearance essentials that you may need like: bumper plugs, floor mats, airbag sticker coverage. Take a look at these DIY upgrades for your vehicle.

5 Worthwhile Safety Upgrades For Your Vehicle

With approximately 10 million car accidents a year, do you want to be the next? Probably not. You should consider these 5 worthwhile ways to improve the safety of your vehicle. You never know when they might save your life. Here are 5 vehicle safety suggestions:

1. OnStar Capabilities
2. Backup Cameras
3. Touchscreen Interfaces
4. Daytime Running Lights
5. Signal Mirrors

Amazing Accessories For Your Truck

“If you’re on the road for the majority of the day driving a commercial truck, why not look great doing it?” Upgrade your car horn or try the National Seating Commodore High Performance Suspension Truck Seat. It will feel like a huge difference. Comfort, look, convenience all reasons to stay on top of the various improvements to make to your truck.

Vehicle Connectivity Will Transform Transportation As We Know It

Since mobile phone usage has blown up, auto companies are now considering the various technological advances they can include in vehicles. They desire to connect the free-flowing information stream, that we all live in, to for the car experience. GM is making many improvements in what is called vehicle connectivity: Smart Connectivity, OnStar, Waypoint navigation, as well as innovative energy saving for their smart cars. “Combining renewable energy with the battery storage capabilities of the charging station — all enabled by smart connectivity — is the future of vehicle charging.” Check out all of the cool “high-tech” updates to vehicles!

Stay on top of safety features for your vehicle and make some fun aesthetic upgrades while you’re at it! You should love the vehicle you spend so much time with.

Car Scrappers Scrap Car Prices

Car Scrappers published a list of the average scrap car prices from the top 10 junked cars.  Crazy to see how low the scrap market has fallen.