Occupied Person Lift

The Milford Person Lift is a versatile and lightweight solution that caters to various needs and situations. It is specially designed for people who may find it difficult or uncomfortable to use a swivel seat or transfer board.

With different sling types and sizes available, the Milford Person Lift ensures easy and comfortable transfers. It gently lifts individuals from their wheelchair and lowers them into the vehicle seat using a comfortable sling. The greatest advantage is that it can be fitted into a wide range of vehicles, be it the driver’s seat or the front passenger seat. This eliminates the need to switch to a different vehicle or purchase a new one.

By allowing individuals to sit in front, the person lift provides a more comfortable and sociable journey, enhancing the overall experience of going out. It makes getting out of the house an enjoyable experience for individuals with limited mobility.

Compatible with nearly every vehicle on the road
Five sling options to accommodate many sizes
Stress-free lifting for both the patient and caregiver

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