Exterior Wheelchair Carriers & Scooter Lifts

A wheelchair carrier or scooter lift is a platform that is installed on the outside of your vehicles. One of the greatest benefits of this option is that it doesn’t take up any space inside your vehicle.

BraunAbility Chair Topper

The BraunAbility Chair Topper provides a simple and convenient solution for those who prefer not to have their wheelchair take up seating or storage space in their vehicle. This car top wheelchair carrier ensures that your wheelchair can remain safe and secure, allowing you to travel with ease and peace of mind.

Bruno Out-Rider Hoist Wheelchair Lift

The Out-Rider lift by Bruno is designed to help people with limited mobility transport their wheelchairs, scooters, or powerchairs easily and securely. The lift can be attached to a vehicle and allows users to effortlessly load and unload their mobility devices without physical strain. It provides customers with convenience, freedom, and independence by allowing them to bring their scooters wherever they need to go. With the Out-Rider lift, individuals with reduced mobility can maintain an active lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of easy transportation.

Bruno Out-Sider Scooter Powerchair Lift

Bruno’s Out-Sider lift for scooters and powerchairs allows you to transport your mobility device on the exterior of your vehicle — allowing you to keep every inch of your interior seating and cargo space. Available for nearly every type of vehicle, Bruno’s popular Out-Sider offers specialized versions for scooters and powerchairs, including an option for mid-wheel drive powerchairs.

Bruno Chariot Scooter Powerchair Lift

If you want an exterior lift for a scooter or powerchair, weighing up to 350 lbs/159 kgs, Bruno’s Chariot is as simple as it gets. It’s a “lift on wheels” that’s impossible to jackknife thanks to its patented design that allows the wheels to swivel 360 degrees. You won’t even notice it’s there.

Harmar AL500 Scooter Powerchair Lift

Harmar AL500 Series are hitch-mounted powerchair lifts for vehicles. These exterior lifts are easy to operate, don’t impact the vehicle’s cargo space, feature Q’straint securement and rear wheel cradle and fully powered lifting, and swing-away options are available.

Harmar AL580 Scooter Powerchair Lift

Harmar AL580 Series are hitch-mounted powerchair lifts for vehicles. These exterior lifts features a lightweight design and easy installation that makes it an ideal choice for those with limited space. It is also equipped with an adjustable boom, allowing for a variety of different mounting heights.

Harmar AL560 Scooter Powerchair Lift

The Harmar AL560 wheelchair lift features a low-profile platform and an easy-to-use remote control, making loading and unloading your wheelchair or scooter simple and convenient. With the Harmar® AL560, you can enjoy the freedom of mobility without worrying about loading and unloading your chair or scooter.

Harmar AL100 Scooter Lift

Harmar AL100 Series lifts are hitch-mounted lifts for vehicles. These exterior lifts are easy to operate, don’t impact the vehicle’s cargo space, feature hands-free securement and fully powered lifting, and come in swing-away options.

Harmar Exterior Hoist Lift – AL 200 & 400 Series

Harmar AL200 and AL400 Series are hoist lifts for vehicles. These lifts safely transport your manual wheelchair, powerchair, or scooter inside your vehicle while maintaining use of your vehicle’s backup camera and saving garage space with a hoist lift!

Harmar Exterior Hitch-Mounted Fusion Lifts – AL 300 Series

Harmar AL300 Series are hitch-mounted fusion lifts for vehicles. These lifts are easy to operate, don’t impact the vehicle’s cargo space, feature fully powered lifting, and swing-away options are available.

Harmar AL815 Hoist Truck Lift

Effortlessly load your mobility device into your accessible truck with the Harmar AL815 hoist lift. Designed for crew cab trucks, this truck lift provides ease of use with powered lifting and rotation for easy transportation. Compatible with most power chairs, manual wheelchairs, and scooters, the AL815 is a quick and convenient lift solution to transport your mobility devices.

Harmar AL825 Truck Wheelchair Lift

The Harmar AL825 is a vehicle lift designed to securely transport mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. It can be mounted in the trunk or cargo area of vans, trucks, and SUVs without modifications to the vehicle. The lift features an automatic hold-down foot and a low-profile platform that folds vertically when not in use, freeing up space inside the vehicle. It also offers a manual crank backup system in case of power failure. Overall, the Harmar AL825 allows for convenient and safe transportation of mobility devices in a variety of vehicles.

Harmar AL835 Scooter Powerchair Lift

The AL835 by Harmar is a high-quality vehicle lift designed to effortlessly transport power wheelchairs and scooters. It features a compact and durable design that attaches to a variety of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and minivans. This lift offers a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs. and is equipped with an automatic hold-down footrest to ensure secure transportation. The AL835 provides a convenient and reliable solution for individuals who require mobility assistance while traveling.

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