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This summer don’t let the dread of getting into a hot car spoil your day. Instead, give Tim’s Trim Inc a call and have us install a remote car starter in your car, van, or truck. While more known for its cold winters, temperatures can approach the one hundred degree mark in Rochester, NY during the summer.

No one likes getting into a scorching hot vehicle on sweltering summer day. It makes it virtually impossible to arrive at your destination looking fresh, and instead you end up looking like a sweaty mess. Is that really something you want to deal with all summer? With a remote car starter from Tim’s Trim you can stay cool inside for a few minutes while your car cools down.

When it comes to remote car starters, quality professional installation makes all the difference in the world. At Tim’s Trim Inc we do not take shortcuts that other companies do that can end up affecting safety along with the value of your vehicle. Our premium quality and workmanship set us apart. Vehicle owners throughout the Rochester area trust Tim’s Trim Inc to properly install their remote car starters in Rochester, NY.

At Tim’s Trim we offer a variety of remote car starters, with ranges of 1500 feet up to one mile. All of them feature a timer start for your convenience. You can also choose to add features like car find and trunk release if you prefer. Imagine how much more pleasant it would be at the end of a hot day at the mall or a theme park to be able to not only find your car immediately, but have it already cooled off and waiting.

Not only will a remote car starter make your life easier this summer, but it will also be ready to keep you comfortable when the frigid Rochester winter rolls around. Allowing a car to warm up for a few minutes before driving it can extend the life of your motor. Warming your car up can also improve gas mileage. It is particularly beneficial for vehicles that operate in very cold temperatures.

Beat the heat this summer with a remote starter from Tim’s Trim. We also carry a variety of other automotive accessories, including car alarms, pop up sunroofs, electric sunroofs, replacement fuel tanks, TextBuster systems, truck accessories, and much more.