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Here are some FAQ’s regarding TextBuster from Tim”s Trim Inc

1. Q: What is the “Text-Buster”?
A: The “Text-Buster” is a device that is installed in any vehicle that is paired with a smart phone and prevents texting, emailing, and internet browsing on that phone when the car’s ignition is on.

2. Q: Does it work with any smart phone?
A: No.  Currently it is only available for Android and Blackberry based smart phones. However, it is currently within the certification process for iPhone based smart phones and it is expected to be   avialable later this year.

3. Q: So, the smart phone is completely inoperative when the ignition is on?
A: No.  The smart phone will still be able to make and recieve phone calls.  In addition, the smart phone’s navigation and location services functions can also be used.

4. Q: Does software have to be installed on the target smart phone?
A: Yes.  There are two small apps that will need to be loaded.  If they are removed by the user of the smart phone, the account administrator is notified.

5. Q: Can the module installed in the car be tampered with?
A: It can be if the person is familiar with automobile electronics but it is soldered into the system and the text buster administrator is notified if the unit ceases to function.

6. Q: Can the device be uninstalled?
A: Yes.  We will install and uninstall the device without harming the vehicle or any associated warranties.

7. Q: Is there a monthly fee for the online textbuster account where I can monitor trips and alerts?
A: No.  There is no charge for the account.