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Texting while driving is a problem for everyone but it is of special concern to parents.  This product is a great find…but it is not for everyone.  Parents, surely, will think twice before introducing the product into their household.  A lot of our children understand the dangers of distracted driving and will resist the temptation to text while driving.  However, there are some children that may have a lapse of judgement.

This product removes all the temptation.  When installed and paired with the target phone, TextBuster allows only phone and navigation operations to function while the car is on.  Recently, there have been a lot of free phone apps released that claim to do the same thing.  However, that is not exactly true.  First, those apps can usually be easily disabled but even when that is not the case they are completely reliant on an adequate GPS satelite signal.  This is not always possible.  Further, these apps usually do not work at all if the car is going slower than 10-15 miles per hour or while the car is stopped at a sign or light.  Anyone who is insterested in bypassing the system would quickly work around these modest hurdles and binge-text at a red light or, God forbid, pull onto the shoulder and creep along while texting.  I think we can all can easily believe that someone is doing that right now.

Again, with the text buster, there is no bypassing the system.  If the car ignition is on, there is no texting, emailing, or internet browsing.

This system is also useful for small or large companies with vehicle fleets.  Not only does it prevent smart phone usage as described above, but it provides the owner/administrator a login account to the textbuster website to view trip details and set various alerts, i.e., speed, geographic area, time of day.  Managing and monitoring your fleet becomes a lot easier.