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Summer is many people’s favorite time of year, particularly after the cold Rochester winter. In truth, the weather extremes of both summer and winter can be hard on a vehicle. This summer protect your Rochester truck with a tonneau cover from Tim’s Trim Inc. A tonneau cover is used to conceal cargo in the back of a pickup truck. Not only will it keep personal items safe and out of sight, it will also keep them out of the harsh summer sun. In addition to the protection it offers, a tonneau cover can give a truck a whole new look.

Here are just some of the benefits of using a tonneau cover on your pickup truck:

  • Improved Fuel Economy – Tonneau covers cut down on drag and have been found to improve gas mileage by up to 11 percent.
  • Appearance – Installing a tonneau cover makes a truck look sleek, streamlined, and stylish.
  • Security – A tonneau cover hides the contents you have stored in the back of your truck, keeping them out of the sight of thieves. The time it would take to remove or open a cover tends to discourage theft as well. Tim’s Trim Inc also has lockable tonneau covers available as well. A tonneau cover also helps to keep items from being blown around or even blown out of a pickup truck.
  • Protection from the Elements – Tonneau covers protect the bed of your truck and your cargo from the harsh UV rays of the sun, as well as from rain, sleet, snow, leaves, and vermin.

In addition to tonneau covers, Tim’s Trim Inc offers Rochester truck owners a huge selection of accessories to improve the appearance and performance of their trucks, including bedliners, replacement fuel tanks, and bug shields. Some choose to make entry and exit easier with running boards or Nerf Bars, or to improve their truck’s security with a car alarm installation.

If you want to improve the look of your Rochester truck this summer, give Tim’s Trim Inc a call, 585 429-6270.