Lift kits are aftermarket suspension modifications designed to raise the ride height of a vehicle, typically trucks or SUVs. Lift kits serve several purposes, including improving off-road capability, accommodating larger tires, and enhancing the vehicle’s appearance.


  • Increased Ground Clearance: Lift kits raise the vehicle’s undercarriage, allowing it to clear obstacles like rocks, logs, and deep ruts off-road.
  • Larger Tire Fitment: By increasing the vehicle’s ride height, lift kits create space for larger tires, which can improve traction, off-road performance, and overall aesthetics.
  • Enhanced Off-Road Capability: Suspension lift kits improve the vehicle’s articulation, approach, departure, and break-over angles, making it more capable on challenging terrain.
  • Improved Visibility: Raising the vehicle’s seating position provides better visibility on and off-road, enhancing safety and confidence while driving.

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