2019 Toyota Sienna XLE – White


All power side entry in-floor ramp. Lockdown in passenger front position.

Engineered to maximize space. With ultra-wide doorway openings, ramp widths and interior cabin space for even the largest wheelchairs, each BraunAbility Toyota has room for even the largest power wheelchairs.

Aside from space and sustainability, the BraunAbility Toyota conversions offer more comfort and convenience than any comparable product on the market. The center console has been reengineered to maximize space for both the driver and passenger while maintaining two cupholders and easy-to-access controls and USB ports.

Finally, our engineers prioritized quality and safety above all else. Each conversion maintains Toyota’s design integrity, from retaining every safety feature to utilizing the same parts and suppliers as the OEM. Our conversions are engineered, tested and retested to ensure a reliable driving experience, and most importantly, your safety.