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Wheelchair Restraints for a Safer Driving Experience

Whether you are looking for a mobility solution for driving or riding, we will help find the best wheelchair securement option for you. Tim’s Trim is committed to providing you with safe mobility solutions to help you on your road to independence. At our locations, a mobility specialist will fit the wheelchair tie down or docking system to your wheelchair to create a customized solution for you. Contact us to find the best wheelchair securement solution for you.

Wheelchair Tie Downs

We offer a variety of wheelchair tie down systems. Wheelchair tie downs act as a seat belt for your wheelchair in a vehicle. Wheelchair tie downs are often interchangeably referenced as straps and restraints as well. We have a selection of manual and retractable wheelchair restraints to best fit your mobility needs.

Manual Wheelchair Tie Downs

Manual wheelchair straps work in a 4-point anchor system. Two straps secure the front of the wheelchair, and 2 straps secure it from behind. Once the straps are secured in the four anchor points, the slack will manually need to be adjusted to tighten.  Manual wheelchair tie downs require assistance and cannot be used in the driving position.

Retractable Wheelchair Tie Downs

Retractable wheelchair tie downs also work in a 4-point anchor system. Retractable wheelchair straps provide a quicker securement method. The strap, once secured, will automatically tighten the belt to most secured position removing the slack from the tie down. Retractable wheelchair tie downs along with manual are for passenger use only.

Wheelchair Docking Systems

Docking wheelchair securement system in your accessible vehicle allows a wheelchair user to drive or ride as a passenger while remaining in their wheelchair. An automatic docking base allows a user to lock their wheelchair into place without assistance from others. Simply roll into the docking point and the docking system will automatically secure your wheelchair into place. Docking securement systems lock the wheelchair into place with a single lock point under the wheelchair. Specific brackets are installed to the vehicle floor to be the base to lock the wheelchair into. Our certified technicians will customize this securement based on your wheelchair. Drive or ride with ease with the installation of a wheelchair docking system.

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