Turning Transfer Seats

Make travel simple and safe again for your loved one with a turning transfer seat.

When a loved one struggles to get in and out of the car, the risk of injury from a strain or fall is a major concern. Our transfer seat solutions offer safe and discreet access into vehicles. The seat swivels outside of the vehicle so the passenger can easily be seated without climbing into the cabin. The result? Safe, secure, and worry-free travel.

Turning swivel seats are ideal for anyone with limited mobility, or wheelchair users seeking easier transfers in and out of a vehicle. Options are available at multiple price points and can be installed on a wide range of vehicle brands and models.

Talk to our Mobility Specialists to learn which solutions may be compatible with your current vehicle.

BraunAbility Turny Evo

An advanced power swivel seat solution with a six-way programmable path, the BraunAbility Turny Evo is compatible with a wide range of high and low vehicles and seating positions. Push a button, and Turny Evo Seat will rotate, extend outside the vehicle and lower to a comfortable height.

BraunAbility Turny Orbit

An affordable, fully powered seat, the BraunAbility Turny Orbit Seat rotates and travels up and down for a mid-row safe transfer seating option. Exclusively for second row seating positions in select minivans.

BraunAbility Turny Manual

A simple, affordable and easy-to-use seating option, the BraunAbility Turny Manual Seat swivels and extends at the push of a lever. Ideal for use in the front or mid row of low vehicles.

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