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Here are several benefits to upgrading to bigger wheels and tires for trucks. These include:
  • Improved traction and handling: Larger tires have more rubber in contact with the road, which can improve traction in slippery conditions. They can also help improve handling by providing a larger contact patch and a more responsive steering feel.
  • Increased ground clearance: Bigger wheels and tires can raise the truck’s overall height, which can improve ground clearance. This is especially beneficial for off-road driving, as it can help prevent the truck from bottoming out on rocks or other obstacles.
  • Better looks: Bigger wheels and tires can give a truck a more aggressive and stylish appearance. This can be a major factor for truck owners who want to customize their vehicle.
  • Reduced risk of flats: Larger tires tend to have stiffer sidewalls, which can reduce the risk of flats. This is especially important for truck owners who frequently drive on rough terrain.
  • Improved braking performance: Larger tires can help improve braking performance by providing a larger contact patch. This can be especially beneficial in wet or slippery conditions.

Advantages of upgrading to bigger wheels and tires on cars include:

Improved grip and traction
Usually, the large and wide tires have more rubber on their track. This simply indicates that the car’s tires can make better contact with the road, thus offering better grip and traction. In other words, it allows better car handling.

Note: The bigger and thinner wheels offer more traction on snow.

Improved cornering
Bigger car wheels result in more road contact, wider thread, and stiffer sidewalls. And, with all these attributes, large-size wheels directly contribute to better cornering and handling.

Better braking
As discussed earlier, cars on big rim have more contact patches and grip on the road. So, if you install large-size balanced tires in cars these will surely give a fair performance by reducing the braking distance.

Better appearance
Tires have a significant role in the overall design of the vehicle. For instance, replacing the old low-profile tires with bigger alloy wheels can give it more of a sporty look. Thus, upsizing the vehicle’s tire can add heaps of design benefits.

High ground clearance
For vehicles that often travel on rough terrain, the high ground clearance makes driving easier and more flexible. Wheels and shock absorbers have a larger space to help absorb vibrations on uneven, rough roads, avoiding collisions between obstacles on the road and the chassis. Therefore, many drivers who are adventurous, like to experience strong and conquer steep and rugged roads often choose to use big tires to adjust the ground clearance to suit the terrain.

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